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Welcome to Tao Treasures!

Welcome to Tao treasures, a web of life site, where you’ll be encouraged to weave your innate treasures back into alignment, wholeness and joy.

  • An on-line temple of inspiration from the Tao to remind you how exquisitely valuable a treasure you are on this planet earth.
  • A virtual treasure chest of hints and tips to help you love your body back to vibrant health.
  • A treasure trail to lead you home to your own sacred sensuality, infinite creativity and fullest transformation.

My deepest wish is that all of us women reclaim our highest potential and to more fully and more joyfully embody the balanced, radiant, sensual women that we came here on this earth to be…….. when we empower and balance our own inner feminine, our Yin essence, our Yang, our inner masculine automatically wants to step up and meet her… and this is only one short step away from harmony, joy and balance between the outer feminine and masculine, ie between women and men on this planet……. what potential treasures we women hold in our wombs…. what an exciting journey to travel together….

I very much look forward to meeting you along the Way……

With love and flowing Qi…..Marian Rose 

Upcoming Events

7:00 pm Embracing “Second Spring” @ Meadow Cottage
Embracing “Second Spring” @ Meadow Cottage
May 5 @ 7:00 pm – May 7 @ 4:30 pm
Embracing "Second Spring" @ Meadow Cottage | Harbourneford | England | United Kingdom
EMBRACING OUR “SECOND SPRING”” This weekend workshop is for women looking to feel healthy, hormonally balanced and self-empowered in the years leading up to peri-menopause, through menopause and way beyond! This phase of life is[...]
10:00 am Inner Fire, Outer Radiance @ The Salthouse
Inner Fire, Outer Radiance @ The Salthouse
Jul 8 @ 10:00 am – Jul 9 @ 4:30 pm
Inner Fire, Outer Radiance @ The Salthouse  | Nunney | England | United Kingdom
Inner Fire, Outer Radiance! A Women’s Body Wisdom Weekend Workshop Rediscover the joys of your female animal body and light yourself up from the inside out.  A women’s weekend of reconnection to our innate treasures. [...]
5:00 pm Alchemy of Love, Vitality & Rela... @ Gravito Retreat Centre
Alchemy of Love, Vitality & Rela... @ Gravito Retreat Centre
Sep 3 @ 5:00 pm – Sep 9 @ 12:00 pm
Alchemy of Love, Vitality & Relationship @ Gravito Retreat Centre | Pedrógão Grande | Leiria | Portugal
£690 for the week with an ‘early bird’ price of £630 if paid in full by July 15th a £100 deposit will reserve your place cost includes accommodation in luxurious tepees, 3 locally sourced, vegetarian[...]

Tao Treasures Women’s Circles & Workshops

Welcome to the art of reclaiming your vibrant health energy, your natural radiance and your sensuality as women. More info

One on One Treasures

Reclaim your vibrant health energy and your innermost feminine wisdom.  Transform your old patterns into new ways of living your pleasure and purpose! More info

Cacao Treasures

Experience the Tao of Cacao! Join me in sacred ritual and enjoy dancing in your dreams to the rhythms of the five elements of nature.  Ceremonies of powerful transformation nourished by the heart-opening spirit of cacao. More info