Cacao Treasures

Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Five Elements Dance

Powerful and fun transformational rituals involving intention setting movement meditations, using an elixir of magical cacao beans to open our hearts and dance in our dreams.

The cacao bean has been revered for centuries in ancient cultures as a way to connect to spirit. The beauty of these particular ceremonies is that we bring spirit into body by combining the sacred cacao elixir with free style body movement, dance and breath. In addition, we’re embodying our intentions through the support of the five elements of nature – we allow ourselves to flow through the cycle of nature of which we are an integral part

we allow old blocks to fall away and for our deepest hearts desires to settle into our deepest cellular level, all whilst enjoying the journey of movement from the earth through water through fire through air through ether, the all that is, including potential manifestation of prayers on a physical earthly level.

The combination of ritual, of sharing our innermost selves, of sacred cacao and moving the body to the beat of the five elements of nature, allow for a powerful alchemy and space for deep transformation to take place….

The ceremonies are held in safe, sacred space. No dance experience is necessary – the cacao will liberate the senses and the music will move your body for your highest transformation. Your own body wisdom will know just what to do!

nb: it is recommended that you don’t ingest caffeine or other stimulants on the day of the ceremony and preferably maintain a food free zone in your body ffor about 3 hours before the ceremony…

Additional Cacao Treasures….

im_altarI love to offer cacao ceremonies, (for special occasions, birthdays, hen nights, on full moons, or for any other rites of passage…. do contact me for details)…

I also love to share playshops in raw choclate making and can come to your home or venue of your choice…(again, just for the pure pleasure of it or for a special event you may be holding…).

Heart felt blessings on the spirit of the cacao bean for moving me deeply and inspiring such magic and change in my life……Heart felt blessings on the magical Nick Good for introducing me to raw chocolate making Heart felt blessings to the glorious Daisy Kaye for introducing the potent alchemy of cacao and five element dance into my life….

Upcoming Events

7:00 pm Surrendering to Womb Wisdom @ Meadow Cottage
Surrendering to Womb Wisdom @ Meadow Cottage
Nov 8 @ 7:00 pm – Nov 10 @ 4:00 pm
Surrendering to Womb Wisdom @ Meadow Cottage
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