May 18, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – May 20, 2018 @ 4:30 am Europe/London Timezone
Beautiful location
South Brent
South Devon TQ10
£150 or £135 early bird
Marian Rose
07583 332555


After the enthusiastic reception of this weekend last year, we’re holding a similar one this May.  This weekend workshop is for women looking to feel healthy, hormonally balanced and self-empowered in the years leading up to peri-menopause, through menopause and way beyond!

This phase of life is not called ‘Second Spring’ for nothing!  Despite conventional thinking, this time holds enormous and exciting potential for women.  The sacred monthly Blood that used to be lost externally is now energetically focussed within, offering the capacity for enhanced health energy, renewed creativity and even greater sensual pleasure!  The Taoist tradition offers extraordinarily simple yet powerful practises to help us maximise the magic of this phase of our lives, keeping us healthy, hormonally balanced, sensually enlivened and vitally inspired!

We’ll be using simple breathing, visualising, moving meditations to gently nourish our Yin organs, i.e. our Kidneys,  (& adrenals), Livers and Spleens.

We’ll be celebrating the Spring time, aligning with its burgeoning nature as we connect to the Earth and its fresh growth of this season.

And,  we’ll be celebrating our Second Spring, for ourselves, whether we are presently preparing for it, right in it, or journeying beyond.  It’s never too early or too late to start!

We’ll also be enjoying:

  • Qi Gong in the succulent Spring woods to help us replenish our reserves via the cosmic forces of nature, and help us stay grounded and centred through any life changes.
  • Kidney rejuvenation practices as a way to keep our yin essence nourishing our bodies organs, our skin, and our bones.
  • Healing sounds to release stuck emotions, including fears and frustrations that might otherwise show up as health issues
  • Energy (qi circulation) to rebalance yin and yang energies within our bodies, counteracting insomnia and hot flushes and other hormonal imbalance.
  • Self Breast massage for hormonal balance, healthy hearts  and beautiful toned breasts.
  • Ovarian breathing & circulation to liberate this powerful healing energy into our bodies and keep our brains, our focus and our memories vital!
  • Jade Egg practise to keep our yoni’s moisturised and toned, preventing atrophy or prolapse, and helping us to feel sensually alive. nb: you don’t need to have or use an egg, although there will be an opportunity to buy one over the weekend.
  • Marta’s delicious fresh, seasonal, nourishing cooking in the delightful Meadow Cottage kitchen.


Together lets change the old paradigm perception of The Change, and BE the change we want to see in our bodies, our emotions and our world!

Additional Info
We can help you with low cost accommodation nearby and if you don’t drive, we can organise low cost lifts from Totnes station.