October 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – October 28, 2018 @ 4:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
Beautiful location
South Brent TQ10
£165.00. or early bird before 14th September £135
Marian Rose
07583 332555

Nourishing & Trusting our Inner Earth

This weekend for women is about getting deep down and earthy, celebrating and getting intimate with our own unique feminine form.  Its about regaining trust in our capacity to heal and experience pleasure in our own body temples.  

We’ll be reconnecting powerfully to our physical bodies as well as cultivating sensitivity to our energy bodies.

Now is the time to liberate the powerful feminine earth energy within that has been so suppressed and caused so much heaviness and dysfunction in our pelvic palaces.

We’ll be allowing the ultimate Earth, Mother Gaia to support our journey back home to our centres with movement meditation in the woods.

This weekend we’ll explore the Element of Earth and discover ways to align ourselves with our most balanced, most self-empowered, most trusting, most open self, using simple potent tools such as self-nurturing meditations, emotional freedom healing sounds, qi self massage including self breast massage; energy cultivation and circulation and a sacred Jade Egg ritual.

This circle is for any woman who wants to join her sisters in the cauldron of transformation, drop old patterns stuck in the female ancestral line, power up her trust in herself, re-member her bodies own healing powers and cultivate her own pleasure potential.

The Earth element when out of balance can contribute to all sorts of issues in our bodies, including tiredness, weak muscles, fibroids, cysts, heaviness, especially in the pelvis, prolapse, digestive issues, and all manner of other lumps and bumps. On an emotional level the Spleen (the Yin organ of the Earth element), when feeling challenged can cause us to feel stressed or worry incessantly, have a challenging relationship with food;  difficulty getting our own needs met whilst feeling we are always ‘giving ‘ourselves away’; we can lose trust in ourselves and lose trust that we’re supported;  it can be hard for us to drop the shame story. 

The intention of this weekend is to support you to lovingly embrace all that your inner Earth is calling you to transform at this time, and to use the simple potent taoist women’s practises to centre and nurture yourself.  When we are full to the brim with nourishment and self trust, we have the strength and courage to drop the old non-serving stuff and move forward from a place of self-empowered centredness. 

We’ll be enjoying:

  • Simple yet potent women’s Qi Gong practises in the woods (or inside if its really raining!)
  • Qi self massage (including self breast massage)
  • Six Healing Sounds to transform stuck emotions in Yin organs,  pelvis & sexual organs
  • Self love meditations
  • Activating, cultivating and circulating our essential life force energy (Qi), including Micro Cosmic Orbit meditation
  • Sacred Jade Egg ceremony to deepen our connection to our bodies, re-connect to our inner wisdom, cultivate sensitivity and strengthen & relax our pelvic floor. (nb: no obligation to have a Jade Egg).


This weekend is for you if…
✶ You are a woman (whatever your age!!)
✶ You’d like to experience flowing movement meditation in nature & to align with the season.
✶ You don’t currently make nourishing your body a priority
✶ You are curious about women’s taoist practise and / or Jade Egg practise or you’d like to deepen / reconnect with your practise.
✶ You’re looking for enhanced connection – to nature, to your own true nature, to your body, to others.
✶ You want to learn life-enhancing / rejuvenating practises that can nourish you for the rest of your life.
✶ You want to explore how to recharge your energy
✶ You’d like to learn potent emotional balancing techniques
✶ You want to learn to surrender more to your body and your inner wisdom
* You’d like to revitalise your sensual energy

* You’d like to remember your own innate healing powers.

* You’d like to heal any aspect of your feminine and / or pelvic health

No  previous experience is necessary – all practices are clearly explained and lovingly guided.

NB: There is no obligation to buy or use a Jade Egg for the ritual – the practises work really well in their own right as well.   I will, however, have beautiful nephrite Jade Eggs on sale over the weekend priced at £40.00, (including non-flavoured, non-waxed dental floss to use in your practise).

This is a non-residential weekend held in a beautiful cottage complete with warming wood burner.  We can help you find local good value accommodation if you let us know.  

Delicious home cooked lunches are included on Saturday & Sunday.

Please do contact me Marian Rose, if you have any questions at all about how this weekend retreat may serve you. taotreasures@gmail.com

For booking and accommodation, do contact our wonderful Meadow Cottage host, Marta on marta.emmitt@talktalk.net nb Marta is currently on retreat so do contact me on 07583 332555 or taotreasures@gmail.com