Tao Treasures for Women

Discover the Power of the Tao!

As a traditional acupuncturist and qi gong practitioner I have come to understand and trust the power of the Tao to help us smooth out physical, mental and emotional blocks and old patterns that can keep us stuck in old non-serving ways of being.

Green tara The practices that I love to offer you will give you more awareness of whats going on in your body, mind and emotions, to embrace exactly what’s there and to lovingly transform yourself so that you may step into your full potential as the radiant, sensual, wise woman you came here to be. My understanding is that as we transform ourselves, and of course as the taoist sage, Lao Tsu reminds us, that’s really what its all about, then we transform our relationships and our whole world around us.

The wonder of these practices is that they have the power to help you bid farewell forever to niggly old physical health concerns such as chronic back pain, adrenal fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome), challenging menopausal or menstrual symptoms, infertility, low libido migraines, insomnia, and to wave goodbye to stuck emotional patterns such as anxiety, fear, frustration, guilt, shame, grief, worry, to name but a very few.

And these practices have the power to catapault you into fully taking guardianship of your own sacred body temple. It is YOUR beautiful body and mind to reclaim, to re-create and to dance with in this life time! And, the biggest joy is that at its essence, its all so very simple – its just about remembering to be in alignment with nature and the Universal flow so that we may ease ourselves back to our natural state of harmony and well-being.

Its my pleasure to invite you to take a peek inside the Treasure Chest of the taoist and women’s wisdoms that I love to share….

Upcoming Events

10:00 am Qi Sisters 4 Tree Sisters @ Buckland in the Moor
Qi Sisters 4 Tree Sisters @ Buckland in the Moor
Oct 25 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Qi Sisters 4 Tree Sisters @ Buckland in the Moor
SHARING FLOWING MOVEMENT ON THE LAND QI SISTERS 4 TREE SISTERS A monthly event for the women of the South West – an opportunity to come commune with our sisters, with the land & with[...]
7:00 pm Surrendering to Womb Wisdom @ Weekend Retreat
Surrendering to Womb Wisdom @ Weekend Retreat
Nov 8 @ 7:00 pm – Nov 10 @ 4:00 pm
Surrendering to Womb Wisdom @ Weekend Retreat
  Surrendering to Womb Wisdom Right now on this planet, we need fully surrendered, fully embodied, sovereign women guided by their own bodies innate Wisdom.   This natural way of Being is our strength – [...]
all-day ‘Body Temple’ Treasures @ Yanley Court, Bristol
‘Body Temple’ Treasures @ Yanley Court, Bristol
Dec 1 all-day
'Body Temple' Treasures @ Yanley Court, Bristol
  Reclaim guardianship of your own health & pleasure!. A DAY OF TAOIST FEMININE ARTS & SACRED JADE EGG RITUAL   Treasures of the Water Element Within   Would you like to: Re-kindle your connection[...]