Women's Circles & Workshops

Welcome to the art of reclaiming our vibrant health energy, our natural radiance and our sensuality as women.

Join me in the adventure of re-writing our ‘stories’, realigning and rebalancing our internal masculine and feminine. Together, lets learn to walk the path of our highest destiny on this earth with joyful peace and passionate potency.

I offer circles and play shops for women of all ages, inspired mainly from taoist practices for vibrant health and well-being. I draw from my years immersed in the beauty and wisdom of chinese medicine and the five elements and from my training as a Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Women’s Healing Love Instructor.

A gathering of women is powerful energy…..

A gathering of women with shared intent to heal their bodies and grow in consciousness is potent beyond words…

I feel deeply honoured to facilitate the gathering of women and to be witness to the shifts and joys harnessed when, together, we cultivate and commune with our Qi, (our vital life force energy…).

The practices we share together nourish and cultivate our sensual and sexual selves, which not only make us feel more juicy, joyful, and connected to our bodies, it allows for more effective physical and emotional healing as well as inspiring our creative selves to flourish and grow.

A Tao Treasures women’s workshop will usually include elements of the following:
  • Qi Gong (energy movement meditation, often outside in nature) guided visualisations and meditations
  • Five Element healing sounds, liberation and activation of major energy pathways (meridians) through the body
  • MicroCosmic Orbit
  • Qi Self Massage and Self Breast Massage
  • Healing touch,
  • Tao Yin (taoist stretching with similarities to yoga)
  • Sacred healing art of the Jade Egg
Some physical gifts and gems you may experience from these practices are:
  • Alleviation of pre-menstrual symptoms, menstrual cramps and irregularities less incidence of breast tenderness and other disorders of the breast increased ‘libido’ and orgasmic potential
  • Reduced menopausal symptoms, alleviation of symptoms of ‘chronic fatigue’ or ‘adrenal fatigue’ and increased energy levels
  • Balanced hormones
  • Reduced lower back ache and less general aches and pains
  • Strengthened pelvic floor
  • A more toned and rejuvenated body
im_goddessEmotional gifts for you may include:
  • A general balancing out of emotions
  • Becoming aware of stuck emotions faster and becoming more adept at allowing them to move through.
  • Removing stuck patterns such as fear, self doubt, overwhelm, phobia, poverty consciousness anxiety, worry, over thinking, guilt, shame, sadness, depression and feelings of loss or grief, feelings of separation and disconnectedness, frustration and anger or lack of assertiveness, feelings of stuckness in your life

Instead, you’ll become more of an expert in managing your emotions and flowing much more often into the happy opposites of the above! Which means you’ll find yourself being kinder to yourself, feeling much more able to flow with the seeming turbulence of life, feel confident, centred, much more able to express your authentic self and feel al lot happier, more alive, connected, sensual and creative!

I very much look forward to sharing with you along the Way….. With love and flowing Qi
Marian Rose x

nb: No experience (unless otherwise stated) is necessary for the Tao Treasures workshops.

Upcoming Events

10:00 am Qi Sisters 4 Tree Sisters @ Buckland in the Moor
Qi Sisters 4 Tree Sisters @ Buckland in the Moor
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Qi Sisters 4 Tree Sisters @ Buckland in the Moor
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Surrendering to Womb Wisdom @ Weekend Retreat
Nov 8 @ 7:00 pm – Nov 10 @ 4:00 pm
Surrendering to Womb Wisdom @ Weekend Retreat
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all-day ‘Body Temple’ Treasures @ Yanley Court, Bristol
‘Body Temple’ Treasures @ Yanley Court, Bristol
Dec 1 all-day
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