May 15, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – May 17, 2020 @ 4:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
Private woodland & cottage retreat
Nr South Brent
South Devon
170 pounds (140 early bird before 31st March)


Would you like to awaken the wellspring of your natural wisdom & wild womanly ways?

There is a deep, untapped source of sensual & creative aliveness within you.  Our Spring womens weekend retreat aims to awaken, cultivate & nourish this potent part of you.  She is waiting for you to connect with Her so you can access more of your latent potential.

This weekend will help you resource yourself with your innate resilience and help you draw from your deep wells your creativity & sensuality that wants to dance you into this Spring & Summer season.

When we truly get to know our own bodies & meridians & pleasure pathways, then there is a subtle shift that takes place … our physical & emotional health upgrades we feel more connected relaxed, confident, creatively inspired, in short, more self-empowered.

As a part of the weekend, we’ll enjoy a sacred Jade Egg ceremony. In the taoist tradition the Yoni is often referred to as a fountain, or a well-spring from which all wisdom & creativity pours forth, so by connecting with & nourishing this sacred space, we are awakening our most magical inner treasures.

This weekend will be a celebration of the 5 Elements of nature and a harmonising of these elements within our own physical & emotional bodies:

  • We’ll create strong Water Element foundations, nurturing our Kidneys, the essence of our life force & our feminine energy. By nurturing our Water Element we help maintain the balance of Yang & Yin within during this season of rapidly rising Yin.
  • We’ll have a strong focus too on the Wood Element (the Liver) as we align to this Spring season in beautiful blossoming woodland.  We’ll harmonise our Livers with healing sounds and encourage our Qi to flow through any stuck emotions specifically frustrations, old grievances that could be subconsciously acting out in our lives.  The Liver is responsible for flowing Qi around the body both physically & emotionally so by harmonising our Liver Qi we’re actively helping to release any flavour of stuck emotions or physical conditions such as menstrual issues, lumps & bumps plus helping to smooth the passage through peri-menopause, menopause & through into the sacred Wisdom years.
  • This weekend takes place just 5 weeks before the Summer Solstice, so we’ll prepare to receive this maximum light and the sacred downloads it offers us at this special time.  We’ll play with our Fire Element to ensure our Hearts inner landscape is well connected to our wombs (our Water Element) & conducive to ultimate self-love & self pleasure.


More info flowing onto this page soon!

In the meantime, for more info and / or to book your place in the circle, contact me Marian Rose on taotreasures@gmail.com