May 13, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – May 15, 2016 @ 4:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
South Brent
Marta Emmit
01364 72291

IMG_0343Embracing Spring

Cultivating and celebrating your natural Feminine Flow

The season of Spring is a time for renewal, new beginnings, ideas, plans, growth and sensuality. The taoist women’s practices are expert at keeping us in alignment with the energies of the season and hence for helping us move forward smoothly and sensuously on our path.

The Spring time is associated with the Wood element in the taoist tradition and you simply have to observe a tree to understand the beautiful upward, outward, juicy, expressive flow of this season.

We will be activating and cultivating our Kidneys, the energy of the Water Element, as a basis for all women’s work. Healthy Kidneys act as a spring board for a healthy Liver, the organ of the Wood Element. We will be activating, moving and nourishing our Liver energy too. A healthy Liver means our lives flow more smoothly in the face of obstacles. Our creative genius is more present and our lives are much more in alignment with our highest purpose. When our Liver energy is healthy, transitions are easier, menses flow more smoothly, moving through menopause is more simple and joyful, we feel more sensual and alive and emotions can flow more gracefully through us, helping us to stay balanced and feeling really good.

To activate the highest potential of your natural Feminine Flow we’ll be engaging in:

  • Qi Gong outdoors on the juicy Devon land.
  • Tree Gong communing and aligning with the trees in this season of rising sap
  • Meditations using simple and effective techniques to help us love and connect to our bodies
  • Healing Sounds to balance our emotions
  • Tao Yoga to activate our qi flow.
  • Qi Self Massage to help us love and connect to our bodies
  • Micro Cosmic orbit activation to help us attune to and activate our energy bodies and allow sexual energy to flow
  • The Sacred Healing Art of the Jade Egg to help us move through old blockages, to cultivate deep self love; to connect intimately with our sensual sexual selves and to help us fully embrace the vast pleasure and infinite creativity that exists as our birthright within us.  nb: You do not need to have or use a Jade Egg in order to participate in the weekend.

Additional Info

We run Friday evening til Sunday 4.30 pm

A delicious, locally grown, home cooked lunch is included on both days, and a nourishing supper on Saturday evening before the evening session..

Marta can help you with good value accommodation locally and may be able to offer low cost ride from Totnes station for those not driving.

This is one of my favourite weekends of the year – held by this powerful Devon landscape.   I very much look forward to sharing these beautiful practises with you to unleash your best ever health energy and your highest sensual and creative potential! 

With love and flowing Qi,

Marian Rose x