July 6, 2024 all-day Europe/London Timezone
Beautiful private location nr Buckfastleigh
£66 early bird until Summer Solstice 21st June 2024
Marian Rose



Day Retreat for Women

Sat 6th July 2024

11am til 6.30 pm

The Second in our seasonal series of Magdalene Awakening Retreat Days,

hosted by

Turiya Ma & Marian Rose



Beloved Sisters,

Lets  re-gather our Hearts and Wombs in celebration of Her

And let’s drink deeply of Her Heart Medicine – a chance to leave behind all that is not Love & to move forwards in the grace of our wise Heart Wombs.

As we awaken our Hearts to Her infinite Wisdom,  so She yearns to connect with Her polar opposite, our Wombs – and it is in this Sacred Reunion that our deep intuitions reside.

In this Magdalene Heart Awakening Retreat Day we will gather to continue our journey through the (only recently revealed) Beloved Companion Gospel, in an alive and energetically imprinted journey of Remembrance. 

We will be together in the Heart of Summer’s Fire Element season, and so will be enjoying embodied energy medicine practises for Heart Healing & Opening. 

We’ll also be balancing the utmost Yang of this season with the re-sourcing practises of the Yin Water Element.

We have received a very special invitation to host this Summer Magdalene Awakening Retreat Day at a private residence in the belly of our blessed Moor, upon an ancient 2000+ year old pathway leading to sacred streams & Tor. (The Residence is around 12 minutes from Buckfastleigh into the Moor)

We’ll enjoy:

  • Dropping into the Silence & reconnecting with our Hearts truth
  • Heart Awakening Meditations
  • Sensual Vitality Qi Gong – with bare feet on the wild moorland earth
  • Healing Sounds for the Heart
  • Absorbing the wisdom of Magdalene’s authentic gospel to inform our onward journey
  • Restorative Yin practises of the Water Element
  • Connecting intimately with our Heart Womb Alchemy
  • Lunch on the beautiful land
  • (Wood fired sauna & wild shower on the land – should you be able to stay later!)



This retreat day is a blessed opportunity to access our true Hearts Wisdom & to choose to move ….

Beyond intolerance & into acceptance & understanding…

Beyond separation & into more intimate connection…

Beyond judging & into unconditional love…

Beyond drama & into peace of mind…

Beyond impatience & into patience…

Beyond sadness & into joy…


Lets choose the unshakeable clarity of Inner Knowing so we can step into our birthright of deepest fulfilment.



Come FEEL your true wise Magdalene Heart that longs to Awaken You to the  essence of who you are & the authentic JOY of Being Alive in these times.