June 26, 2020 @ 9:00 am – June 28, 2020 @ 5:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
On-line Zoom
Marian Rose
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June 26-28th, plus all classes available for two weeks.

Join me, Marian Rose, and 25 other experienced teachers in this, first of its kind, Tao Tantric Arts Symposium.  I feel so honoured & delighted to have been invited to teach as a part of this womens healing weekend.  As well as sharing my own session, I will most definitely be luxuriating in all my gifted colleagues’ delicious offerings too!

Here’s the link to join!  Use the special discount code to receive 20% off the full price so now 100 euros.


Tao Tantric Arts is an international school that has been running for a decade, training women in the healing practices of Tantra and the Taoist Sexual Arts. These arts teach us how to heal wounds with our sexuality, our bodies and our hearts and they also give us vehicles for expansion, awakening the energy body.

This path is about:

  • Reclaiming our sacred femininity (plus our healthy masculinity!)
  • Finding the way back to embodiment
  • Healing sexual pain, trauma and sickness
  • Finding sexual empowerment
  • Reclaiming our pleasure 
  • Discovering the spiritual dimension of sex
  • Healing relationship dysfunction
  • Creating conscious relationships

All events that are live will also be uploaded so that participants can watch in their own time over the next two weeks. Any private sharings (participants sharing their experiences or questions) will be removed, to make it a safe space for everyone.

We believe in giving back.
And that’s why we will be donating 10% of the proceeds of this event to help rescue girls from sex trafficking. May our self-healing work also be part of a bigger movement of change.
Use the special discount code MARIAN for 20% off the full price so down to 100 euros.  Click here to reserve your place! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tao-tantric-arts-for-women-online-symposium-tickets-109213749264?aff=Teacher&afu=248295248848


Tao Tantric Arts Symposium Teachers

Classes you will find in this event:

Tao Tantric Qigong
The foundational Practice is Qigong, which means “energy play” and is all about cultivating, moving, expelling and storing energy (Qi). In Tao Tantric Qigong, we focus on the sexual energy, raising it to the heart, circulating it around the “microcosmic orbit” and connecting back to Source energy with this energy. Using this Qigong we learn full body orgasm, energy orgasm and also how to start sharing energy with a lover.
Tao Tantric Breast Massage
This is a practice we use to awaken sexual energy (yes, the nipple massage starts to activate ur sexual hormones!), reclaim ur pleasure, open our hearts…there are so many types of breast massage! Get a bottle of natural oil ready for this Symposium as we are gonna do a lot of delicious breast massage!
Tao Tantric Jade Egg
It is recommended to purchase a jade egg before this symposium as we will be offering some classes in this practice. Women use this to reconnect the mind-muscle relationship to the sex so that they can feel more sensation during intimacy. There are techniques for healing trauma, some for dearmouring the yoni (clearing residual holding patterns), for moving energy, for reclaiming pleasure and of course not to mention strengthening the muscles (whilst retaining flexibility).Inner Alchemy
This is the series of practices working with inner energies. When we merge polarized energies (yin and yang) then we create a fusion that feels like an inner love making, and it brings us back to a feeling of wholeness. We work with polarities such as fire and water, passion and love, shadow and light, inner masculine and inner feminine.Energy Clearing
We have practices for clearing energies from the body. A whole series focuses on the womb, so that we can clear energy from past lovers and experiences that we might wish to release. Plus emotions that have become stuck. We also clear energies from different organs and meridians. This is seen as an important step before raising sexual energy.Sacred Dance
Dance is a foundational practice for the feminine, and was practiced by the “devadasis” in tantric temples in India. In Tao Tantric Arts we use dance specifically to awaken different vibrations of sexual energy.



This weekend will be very interactive. Classes will be well-structured, and will include a high quantity of guided practices.

To get the most out of this, we suggest you keep your weekend as free as possible. Maybe invite a girlfriend around to do it together!

You will need to create a sacred space, with a yoga mat or blanket and cushions. Also have some massage oil (natural with no added essential oils). There will be optional jade egg classes- you can do these without an egg also to learn the practices, but better with an egg!


Healing Painful Menstruation * Healing Sexual Trauma * Healing Body-Shame * Qigong for Grounding * Soothing the Emotional Body * Womb Clearing * Developing Self-Love * Taoist Breast Massage * Opening the Heart *
​De-armouring the Yoni * Awakening the Micro Cosmic Orbit * Bone Breathing * Sexual Energy Sublimation * Sound Healing Voice Activation * Ritual for the Earth * Secrets of Full Body Orgasm * Tantric Breathwork * Calling in your King * Tantra for Woman-Woman Relating * Cultivating Conscious Relationships * Tao Tantric Love-Making *