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June 15, 2024 all-day Europe/London Timezone
St Mary's Manor House
Bovey Tracey
Marian Rose
07583 332555






South Devon – Saturday 15th June 2024

10 am til 5.30 pm


Energy Medicine for the Heart  – a profound & embodied reconnection to  Self Love


Sometimes our Heart Fire, our expression of radiance & joy can become extinguished due to feelings of betrayal, abandonment or isolation.

This is a day to reconnect intimately back to yourself in order to re-ignite your natural heart-fire & embody your full expression of joyful life-force.

This is a day too to re-engage with the full range of your body’s subtle sensations & allow every cell to resonate with the healing Qi of unconditional self-love.

Celebrating the season of utmost Yang, ie the Summer, we’ll be aligning with our fullest potential, ie, our most expansive blossoming.

You’ll be invited to bask in the vulnerable light of your own inner Fire Element, represented by your physical & emotional Heart.

The summer is most definitely the season of most expressive sensuality – lets align our physical & energy bodies with nature & liberate our most sensual Qi Flow!



We’ll enjoy energy medicine for the Heart, including:


  • Healing sounds to help heal old abandonment, betrayal & separation wounds – & replacing these old energies with remembering our true nature of easeful, intimate heart connection with ourselves & others.
  • Strengthening our physical bodies & our Heart’s emotional muscle with seasonal Qi Gong on the lawn.
  • Sexual vitality Qi Movements to release uninhibited sensual Qi flow
  • Developing a new relationship with our breasts for enhanced heart opening, health & pleasure
  • Upgrading our capacity to receive healing love
  • Balancing our inner Fire & Water (so crucial when we reach the peak of Summer!), inc. rejuvenating Kidney Breathing
  • Embodied meditation to re-unite our energetic Heart & Cervix
  • Re-activating micro-cosmic orbit to ensure Qi Flow through both front AND back of Heart, and Heart / Womb connection.
  • You’ll embody energy medicine tools during the retreat day so that you can continue to hone the practises at home to assist your well-being over the Summer months & beyond.



Contact me, Marian Rose for more info or any questions:

or 07583 332555





Steeped in the taoist women’s healing arts for nearly 20 years, Marian is passionate about women reclaiming their power through embodied energy medicine.  Weaving the Chinese Five Elements of nature into the practise, she believes, is a powerful ingredient to help us understand and connect to our own inner natures.

Marian has an honours degree in Traditional Acupuncture and has been practising for nearly 20 years. She has qualified as a Womens Healing Love instructor & Qi Gong Instructor with the Universal Healing Tao tradition and is a graduate of the Tao Tantric Arts.

For over 10 years she has been holding space for women to feel safe in their bodies & to embrace the power & beauty of their own unique selves.



Angeline is the magical guardian of the beautiful St Mary’s Manor House, which is built on a sacred site over potent energy lines.  She’s benevolently opening up her home for our retreat day.  A place herstorically used for the support and empowerment of women.  Aim to feel good there 🙂



We won’t be using a Jade Egg for this journey on 16th March but the practises we share will offer some preparation for your Jade Egg practise, and we may well schedule in a Jade Egg ceremony for later in the year. if you are interested, I have a batch of high quality, medium sized, nephrite Jade Eggs for sale (including non-flavoured / non waxed dental floss).   Or if you have any questions around this sacred practise, then I am available on


Contact me, Marian Rose for more info or to reserve your place: or 07583 332555

ps: This is the 3rd in our series of 5-Element Retreat Days for women at the beautiful St Mary’s Manor House in Bovey Tracey, South Devon.  You can come along to all of them or just 1 or more of your choice.  Next in the series will be connecting with your inner Earth Element in September.  Date to be announced soon.




If you’re not Devon based, why not treat yourself to a weekend in these wondrous parts, and walk on Dartmoor or a coastal path to integrate your new Heart Awakenings on the Sunday.


What to bring to your retreat day:

  • Natural oil, eg sweet almond oil
  • Comfortable clothes to move in
  • Blanket or shawl for extra coziness 
  • Sheepie / yoga mat & cushion to sit & lie on
  • Water bottle
  • Note book & pen
  • Lunch to share
  • Something to power up on the shrine that’s symbolic of your feminine nature (maybe  something collected from nature Herself)
  • And, of course, your sacred intentions for your own best Heart healing & flow into Summer.


I look forward to welcoming you & supporting you into re-alignment with your liberated Heart & sensual  embodiment.


Contact me, Marian Rose for more info or to reserve your place in the circle:


07583 332555