As we draw towards the utmost Yin of the year, the Winter Solstice,

Let’s journey deep within…,

Let’s have the courage to journey to the soul of our own shadows & let the Earth hold us…

Let’s nourish our hearts & wombs and embody the integration of these polarities inside our feminine form…

This solstice season, lets choose to re-kindle our intentions for our natural birthright of enhanced health, sensual pleasure & unbridled creativity.

Womb Treasures is an on-line evening retreat to help us do just that!  To re-ignite our energy flow and connection to our body, whilst relaxing in the comfort of our own home.   To slow down, to journey deep within our feminine body and to listen intently to our own inner voice so we can navigate these fast changing times with increased compassion, resilience & resourceful creativity.  

 An opportunity to revisit those potent taoist womens’ practices that upgrade our self love, well-being & sensual vitality. (Including sensual vitality Qi Gong, Kidney & Ovarian Breathing, breast massage & the healing art of the Jade Egg).

During more intimate practise, eg breast massage and Jade Egg, you’ll be invited to switch your cameras off.  This way you’ll luxuriate in your own cozily created temple & be deeply present with your own body’s subtle sensations, whilst still being guided by my voice & held in safe sacred space.

As with all circles of this nature, this evening will act as a potent prayer for our earth and for all women everywhere to awaken our sensual vitality & reclaim guardianship of personal health & pleasure.


Date: Thursday 9th December
Time: 7 til 9.30 pm
Investment: £22.00 (a couple of concessionary places – just ask!)
Where: On-line via Zoom in your own cozy home nest.

Click here to book your place or ask a question: taotreasures@gmail.com

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A few inspirations on creating your own sacred practise space!


  • Some of you may need a little note on the door!  eg: “Priestess at Play! Thanks for Staying Away!”
  • Or if you’ve no privacy at home, maybe you could join with a girlfriend or borrow her spare room.

  • Tidy your space and cleanse the energy with sage, drums, rattles, toning or simply with your intentional, smiling, dancing Qi!
  • Create a shrine if you don’t have one already. Adorn it with something that will remind you of your sacred intent for your evening.  Maybe something sensual you collected from the autumnal world outside.  Candles, essential oils, earthy autumnal offerings. Anything that feels luxurious and a treat for you.  Maybe an inspiring poem or your own written intentions.

  • Cleanse your egg – a few minutes in very hot (not boiling) water Place it on your shrine already stringed up and ready to use.
  • Create your egg practise nest with cushions, blankets & ensure you’ll be warm enough.

  • I sometimes put my egg on a hot water bottle to keep it warm.  (oh and keep your room nice and warm too, of course, so you can really relax)

Other things to have handy:

  • Wear something comfortable that you feel good in, maybe a dress /skirt/ sarong
  • Natural massage oil
  • Something to drink
  • A journal & pen

Position your computer or phone where you can enjoy both standing & sitting  practise. (When you’re lying down for Jade Egg practise you’ll have your computer screen switched off!)


A Jade Egg ceremony to journey yourself deep into your feminine body & experience your own unique heart-womb alchemy



For more info & / or to reserve your place, contact me, Marian Rose on taotreasures@gmail.com