A bit about me and my qi (qi = universal life force energy or prana)

I love qi! I love everything about it. I can’t imagine my life without working and playing with the treasures of qi. I love the way it weaves and winds its way into the web of my existence. I love the way it is the very fabric of existence..

I love the way I feel after deeply connecting with it in qi gong practice. I love feeling when its stuck in my body and the games I play to unstick it. I love the feeling of smooth flowing qi and how it helps my day to flow free and easy.

Marian RoseI love connecting to the qi of the Universe, the qi of the earth, the qi of the nature all around us. I love how simple it is to receive this qi into our bodies. I love how magical it is to create more productive and powerfu qi in our bodies and how we can use this to heal ourselves and feel good.

I love the fact that its invisible, that to connect with it, you have to develop your senses, to your internal world. I love exploring internal worlds and the Knowing that this is the key to our transformation

I love the art of acupuncture and how the way of communing with qi can work wonders on our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

I am deeply grateful to my Original Qi for hanging on in there till I discovered it and used it to transform myself into an infinitley more powerful, more healthy more sensual, more authentically joyful woman.