Jade Treasures

The sacred healing art of the Jade Egg

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The sacred healing art of the Jade Egg

– a heart-centred practice which reconnects us with our feminine essence and re-awakens our sensuality, sensitivity and creativity.

What is Jade Egg practice? It is a holistic practice, reputed to have its origins in the ancient royal courts of China, where they understood the important relationship between sex, health and longevity. The Jade Egg practice is a potent part of our whole feminine ‘qi regime’. It is the way we work with our egg, ie coming to it with intentions of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation that maximises the treasures of this precious practice. It has the potential to develop that often neglected part of ourselves, the sacred feminine; that part of ourselves that knows how to use our vital (sexual) energy to heal ourselves; that part of ourselves that knows how to tap into the stillness of our feminine intuition and wisdom, and that part of ourself that knows the magic of cultivating deep self love. For maximum benefit , the practice of the Jade Egg is so much more than simply inserting a crystal egg into the vagina or yoni (sanskrit for sacred place). Yes, there are all sorts of purely physical exercises we can practise to strengthen, tone and relax the muscles and organs of the pelvis using our egg. However, for a truly holistic practice, it is hugely beneficial to include the taoist tools of energy meditation, qi gong, qi self massage and emotional balancing practices to prepare our body, minds and emotions and as an integral part of our Jade Egg session.

Why Jade?

  • Jade has long been considered by the ancients as a stone to help us harness qualities of ‘health, wealth and longevity’. It is thought to be an androgynous stone, i.e. balanced masculine and feminine, so very balancing to our bodies and emotions.
  • Jade is thought to greatly benefit the Yin organs, especially the Heart, Kidneys and Liver. Its green colour, resonant with the Wood Element in nature is suggestive of its support of the Liver and its capacity to help Qi flow smoothly around the body.
  • The use of a crystal is important as it can be programmed with our healing and transformational intentions.
  • And, on a practical note Jade is hardy, ie it doesn’t tend to break when dropped on a hard surface and is non-porous, so completely hygienic.
  • Jade is the most commonly used stone for this practice, and generally recommended to start with, although technically any egg- shaped crystal could be used. Rose quartz (resonating with loving feminine yin energies), and Obsidian (powerfully cleansing) are also often used.

Benefits of Jade Egg practise Just a few of the physical benefits of exercising with the Jade Egg:

  • Helps keep pelvic organs strong and vital and therefore also helps prevent prolapse.
  • Helps maintain a strong bladder
  • Helps restore tone after childbirth
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Tones weak muscles AND relaxes tense muscles
  • Increases sensitivity to long lost sensation and pleasure
  • Increases dexterity helping us to become our own best lover as well as maximising sensation and pleasure with a partner.
  • Helps us to feel vital and alive! Mental Benefits With regular practise, and In conjunction with the physical and energy practises, we have the potential to become much more focussed, clear-headed, effective and creative.

Emotional Benefits

The yoni (vagina) has reflexology points within it which relate to the organs and different areas of the body, just as the feet have reflexology points on them too. With the egg’s massaging action on these points we can release non-serving emotions which tend to become lodged here, and thus help our emotions to flow more smoothly.

Jade Treasures Tips

A few Hints and Tips to help you enjoy your own Jade Egg ritual and maximise your healing and pleasure potential ! Sacred Space! Any ritual of course is enhanced by creating a beautiful calm uninterrupted space. Create a shrine to yourself and your practice. Use music, candlelight, massage oils, aromatherapy, anything that will delight the senses. And before you start your practice, imagine a beautiful bubble of white light around you to keep you feeling centred and clear in your own space. Intention Intention Intention! Create your overall intention for your egg and programme your crystal with this before first use. Reaffirm your sacred intention for your feminine healing every time you use your egg. And create new ones as your journey unfolds! Smile! Use your Inner Smile and your breath to connect your heart and womb throughout your practise. Gratitude is a Goddess’s best friend! Thank your egg with all your heart after each session. And most of all Enjoy your sensual, healing, empowering, journey! Jade Treasures Playshops for You! I love to offer Jade Treasures Circles, sharing the whole spectrum of women’s taoist practises, including Jade Egg practise.

If you feel curious, take a look at the calendar and see if there is a circle or workshop happening near you! Otherwise, if you have a group of six or more women and would like to host a circle, then do contact me With much love and flowing feminine energy! Marian Rose x


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