Oh how your feminine body yearns for you to Know Her – to really Know her; to enjoy Her; to take pleasure in Her..

How She longs for you to get intimate with Her feminine physicality And for you to become more sensitive to your Energy Body. Oh how She craves for these 2 to awaken & dance. together, to dance together in harmony – ultimately to lead you back to wholeness – to the primordial Oneness of your true nature.

These bodies, these sacred vessels, together with our minds, (our Intention, or Yi) , & together with our Qi – our Universal Life Force Energy – the heartful meeting of the body, Yi & Qi – the potency of this alchemy for our pleasure; & creative transformation -transformation for ourselves, for our loved ones, for the whole of humanity – because this kind of creative embodied Wisdom is highly contagious – it casts its net far – it shines its light bright. –

let’s embrace the magic of this in this precious life time.

Become your own Beloved & have the beauty of this mirrored back to you in myriad ways. Maybe you can hear the breath of your every cell awakening as it hears this call, gently stretching out her walls with a YES to receiving more of this LIGHT that YOU are able to shine inside for your own cellular transformation..

It starts with YOU, YOUR intention, YOUR body, YOUR embrace, YOUR ‘Yes’ to YOUR own inner alchemy.


Oh YES, your light gifts are infinite.

Dip in your toe & take the first step towards loving your life more


Being the Love of your Life.


If you’d like to explore awakening your sacred feminine inner alchemy, I’m guiding a day in South Devon, “Journey into the Yin” – on the portal that is 11.11.,2023

We’ll be moving ourselves awake with Qi Gong & Tao Yin, Qi Self Massage, Kidney Breathing & Ovarian Breathing. We’ll be journeying deep into our Yin caves with embodied, nourishing self love meditations and releasing all that is not serving our highest creativity & pleasure.

Contact me Marian Rose on marian@taotreasures.com or 07583 332555 and I’ll answer any questions you may have.. JOURNEY INTO THE YIN