(some words to inspire us to the courage to speak our truths and so liberate our Liver Qi!)


Her  dragon feels constrained

in its hard scaly skin

Too much like plates of armour,

they’ve become akin



Her dragons been meek, her dragons been mild, 

But we have to admit, her true nature is wild.  

Her fire can’t lie in her depths for good,

Lest she implode – so she must explode;


She must wriggle and writhe and really shake 

Out of that hard shell, whatever it takes 

She must rage and roar, bellow like a boar

She must howl like a wolf and stamp on the floor. 


She must extract herself from her prison shell

Crack it wide open so every cell

Shakes itself free from its living hell 

Vibrates with her souls primordial yell

Yet to reclaim her life she has no choice, 

But to shout it out, re-instate her voice, 


As she walks towards her wisdom years; 

Vital that she’s all eyes and ears to hear 

What her heart and womb would say, 

Despite how her saboteur would sway

Her this way and that; 

Subtle whispers “You’re a door mat”.  

A lifetime of telling her “Hide in that shell. 

You’re not able to stand up to the swell

Of the waves of anger that lie in wait.  

Its okay in our shell, I’ll take care of your fate”.


But its hot in that shell and her soul knows too well 

Her dragon can’t curl up and hide forever – 

We’ve done a good job; we’ve unwrapped some layers

The shell is now softer with endeavour and prayers  

Her saboteur knows that its fight is near lost 

That she’ll try to break free, whatever the cost 

Yes, she Knows down inside 

This is one scary ride

Yet to break out of this cozy havens 

Not even a choice, as a new life she’s craving.


So batter down the brittle walls of her heart, she must;

Release the fears of betrayal, she must

Face the fury of her Liver, she must;

Allow vulnerable feelings their day, she must

Speak her truth unashamedly, she must

Remember how far she has come, she must; 

Remember how much she is loved, she must;  

Remember her dragons fiery tongue, she must; 

Know her birthright of strength and courage, she must;  

Remember again and again and again 

in love she can trust 

because amour is her armour 

……and it can always take the strain.


Whatever the past held can dissolve away

We are creators of every day.  

Pain is not really meant to last

It can be honoured, transcended fully & fast

Let’s wend our way out of that tiny dark shell 

Thats kept us so ‘safe’ but not very well,


Nowhere is safe holed up in that tower

Nowheres safe til we acknowledge our power

Til we know that dangers a trick of our minds

That it can simply be left behind!



So the dragon within, she must take up her sword 

Unleash her fiery breath on the world 

So all in her sphere know her sabby is vanquished 

And her stagnant qi is fully relinquished 

Now those who get stuck with their own creations 

Who then project outwards their own frustrations

All who used to shame & dishonour 

No longer find that chink in her armour 

They’ll turn right around 

Slink in the background

Confused by the flames 

Til self love rises again.


She now knows that hard scales aren’t her armour

That instead amour is her saviour 

Her fiery tongue is freed in elation

She faces her foes without trepidation.


Her demons dissolve in blazing compassion

Unleashing her voice in creative expression 

She now spirals out for all to see

Her dragon is spinning; her dragon is free.