aka WHY its a jolly good idea to massage & generally ‘love-up’ our breasts!

This morning as I looked into the mirror I caught sight of my breasts and frowned –   I sighed.  I thought I was well over frowning at or fearing my breasts if they happened to be having a more  tender / more flaccid/ more lopsided / or not so toned day – I’ve done so much work in the  ‘loving my breasts’ department, yet clearly there is more to be done….. I can feel another ‘breast love’ blog coming on….. read on!

Meditative massage in the great outdoors

As I sit down to write this blog,  the actress who, a while back , had a double mastectomy JUST IN CASE she developed breast cancer, springs to mind.   Yikes, I can hardly bear to think about it.   It energised me at the time, and clearly it still does –  BIG TIME.

Oh God, no one explained to her about preventative medicine.  No one guided her in the self-empowerment of healing her own body, let alone love her own body – no one took her aside and said ‘Where your attention goes, your energy will flow’.  Where your smile goes, your cells feel well –  Oh God – and she, a high profile example to millions of young women that its okay to have your breasts removed, JUST IN CASE.  It breaks my heart.   

This act seems to exemplify the current landscape in the general female population – ie, such a lack of connection to our own bodies, such a lack of self-empowerment, such a lack of understanding of preventative health care and how to look after our breasts.  And, still such a deeply held belief that we are victims to our family genes.  It seems rife in our society to see our breasts as something to be feared, to be frowned upon as simply dangerous lumps of flesh that have the potential to grow breast cancer, OR as something purely sexual to be flaunted for manipulative gain or to be embarrassed or ashamed of.  It’s devastating.   How did we as a society arrive at this point?

When we cultivate the foundations of body connection & love, we have the capacity to have a much more healthy & consciously aware relationship with these body temples of ours that house our wombs, our hearts, our breasts, our spirits.   And hence, we’re way more likely (tho of course, not guaranteed) to feel for ourselves when something, for example in our breasts, is out of balance.

Soooo, lets be a part of the breast awareness re-wiring revolution! Lets re-frame our breasts from a fear & loathing consciousness to a love consciousness!!

Lets make a determined effort to celebrate our breasts as the sacred outer expressions of our heart that they are – lets take time to acknowledge any anxiety (or dislike, or shame) surrounding our breasts so that we can transmute these into their positive anti-dote feelings of acceptance, love, honouring, respect & joy.

Lets choose to acknowledge our emotions in general, so that they don’t get absorbed into & stay stuck in our delicate breast tissue & stagnate there….To dedicate oneself to emotional transformation & freedom is a radical act of body love, as stagnated emotions, at some point become physical blockages or lumps & bumps in the body.

Just looking at the physical location of the major Yin organs, Lungs, Liver, Stomach / Spleen, we can see how easily the breasts might be affected by emotions held in these organs.

Women’s energy is naturally receptive, inward flowing, whereas a mans is outward flowing.

As women, we are naturally empathic.  Our energy bodies or Qi bodies spiral centrifugally, ie inward flowing, making us much more receptive to our environment, so not only can we absorb our own stuck emotions into our breasts, so too can we absorb other peoples emotions.  This is all very well when we’re in the presence of conscious, loving, balanced folk, but this of course, isn’t always the case, so just to be aware of this and to empower ourselves to keep our own energy bodies sparkly clean and strong is an essential life skill.  (The Taoist Six Healing Sounds practise is amongst my favourites to help me do this).

And, at the risk of being the harbinger of doom, it’s important to remember that our breast tissues can, or course, absorb other toxins, ie environmental ones, like EMF’s & chemical poisons.  This is a big topic, but essentially, it makes sense to limit our proximity to routers, mobile phones  and computer screens etc, use only natural products in our homes and use only pure organic oils on our breasts (and as I’m sure you know, get those anti-perspirants away from our armpits and out of our lives!!).  Its official, the less of these products we use, the less our tissues & pores get clogged up and ultimately the more healthy we’ll be and the more naturally gorgeous we’ll smell! 

The fact that the feminine body’s Qi field spirals centrifugally does have its upside of course.  It means we are also very naturally receptive to nature, which is enormously healing.  So counteract the toxins with spending lots of time in lush nature…. 

Essential Detox – Connecting with the trees

 When you’re out in the woods or the park, try connecting consciously to a tree and with your breath exchange heart energy with the tree.   Feel your energy body and your physical body, including your breasts, fill up with this potent healing energy. And the more intimate you can get  with the healing frequencies of the earth the better – ie, Get bare foot on the earth;  weather permitting, sprawl your whole body on the earth; get gardening and physically dig your hands in the earth; do your morning practise outside in the garden or park as much as you can; physically hug trees,  (its now officially cool, and the opposite of what we used to think, ie its now pretty insane NOT to hug trees!!!).

 If you’re into Qi Gong or familiar with circulating Qi around your Microcosmic Orbit, then practise circulating Qi with the trees – you might find this happens naturally anyway.  My breasts are smiling at the very thought of all that – I have a favourite beech tree in my woods here – it’s quite delicious to hug as its the perfect girth and covered in soft velvety moss.  Sometimes I just go see it to clear my energy field of the computer vibes, and get clear headed again.  I feel so much more grounded and happy after even just a few minutes walking through the woods and breathing this tree energy into my body. Aaaah! I could also mention my newly discovered practise of mossy tree trunk breast massage but I’m not sure the world is quite ready for that, 😉

So, in brief, its all about ditching the toxic thoughts, feelings & environmental toxins.  And instead, MOVING our emotions, MOVING our breasts, LOVING our breasts;  EATING fresh healthy foods, & getting INTIMATE with nature.

Who knows, breast issues and / or cancer could happen to anybody at any time, but to get  ‘clued up’ and ‘loved up’ gives us much greater peace of mind, not to mention a much greater chance of staying happy, whole & well.

Spread the breast love gospel far & wide sisters!

And if you need a little extra inspiration or convincing to make daily love to your breasts, then see below for…….


  • Stimulates acupressure points around breasts, including points on Kidney, Spleen, Stomach, Liver & Pericardium channels – which means you’re nurturing the energy of all of these organs.
  • More chance of detecting ominous lumps & bumps, and much less likely to develop them in the first place.
  • Gives us more energy
  • Connects us to our Hearts & Opens our Hearts – its like offering ourselves a gift of love
  • Nurturing and massaging our breasts affects our general confidence, our body confidence as our Lung energy is accessed.
  • Our nipples are intricately connected to our whole endocrine system which means we’re offering ourselves an emotional balancing session whilst we’re consciously stroking or massaging them.
  • This connection to our endocrine system means our menstrual cycle is regulated – periods, both physically and emotionally flow more smoothly, so less breast tenderness too.
  • More easeful transition from peri-menopause to menopause and into our post-menopausal years, both physically & emotionally.
  • Transforms Blood into Qi – the more we pull up our sexual energy to the breasts, the less Blood & Qi we lose through menstruation – its like drawing upward to nurture our inner child.
  • Easier & more enjoyable breast feeding and quality of milk to nurture our next generation! 
  • Cultivates sensual and sexual energy naturally and gracefully.
  • Lubricates our vagina’s, oh yes, so less disease, more pleasure and better sex, whether solo or with an Outer Beloved!
  • Smiling loving energy into our breasts can literally transform the cellular make-up of our breast tissue – ie transform stuck emotions into flowing health.
  • And, most importantly, massaging our breasts makes us FEEL so darn GOOD!!!!!! Something to do with the stimulation of oxytocin and other feel good hormones.  
  • Oh, and I think I forgot to mention that Jing gets stored in our breasts, so by massaging we cultivate and energise this essential life force energy….and our breasts respond by becoming more perky & toned….. Hooooraaah 🙂 

Okay, so there are a few more than ten….. but I could’ve kept going all day on ridiculously good reasons to care for our breasts 😉  

(nb: and if you or your friends or clients have breast cancer,  or have had a mastectomy, then feel reassured that our hearts and our bodies are NOT just physical – they respond well to ‘off the body’ energy massage too!).

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

Many thanks to Julian Marcus Photography for the great heart / breast massage pics!