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About Marian Rose

My previous life journey started out with a BA Hons in modern languages followed by a four year stint in Paris working for Conde Nast’s German Vogue. Moving to London and into Public Relations for large corporations over ten years saw me eventually ‘burning out’ with adrenal fatigue.

This lead me to the joy of researching and studying many alternative healing modalities, including t’ai chi and qi gong which I’ve enjoyed for the last 15 years. Traditional Acupuncture was the path that finally stole my heart and lured me into a love affair and ongoing journey into the mysteries of Qi, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements. Emerging from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading with a BSc Hons degree in Acupuncture (integrated TCM and Five Elements), I enjoyed my own acupuncture practice in London. During my studies and early part of my practising life, I worked part time for the British Acupuncture Council, the professional body for traditional acupuncturists where I promoted my passion of acupuncture to the outside world, including to the press.

My acupuncture practice is a never ceasing source of wonder to me in the transformations I see and the support it offers people. It is the individual, not the ‘dis ease’ that interests me most, because if you get to the root of the patterns, the symptoms will tend to clear on their own. What I found and still do find most fulfilling is encouraging women to see their inner and outer beauty and to Know their own potential to heal themselves…

im_fairytreeA spot of earth acupuncture called ten years ago, and I journeyed to many key acupuncture points / energy hotspots on our glorious planet. It was during this trip that I came upon the women’s practices of the Universal Healing Tao tradition in Thailand. So powerful was the resonance of these practices within me that I was back within six months on the Sacred Feminine Treasures Teacher Training with Minke de Vos and Shashi Solluna and have since trained to become a Universal Healing Tao Instructor and and UHT Women’s Healing Love Instructor. These practices, which include qi gong, meditations, sound healing, qi self massage and the Jade Egg practice have been so profoundly healing for me that it has become my mission to share them with other women wherever I can. I offer women’s circles, workshops and one to one sessions in these healing arts in the UK and overseas.

And….. another passion has been magically rekindled  – dolphins – co-hosting the Tao of the Dolphin retreat with my Dolphin Day Dreams colleagues, a healing and creative arts retreat, swimming with the wild dolphins on the exquisite Big Island of Hawaii.

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